My theory

Some changes which I think might be needed to determine the above required principles, are included and dealt with in the paper, under the following headings:

1). Rectification of deficiencies in the wording of the first law of motion.
2).Magnetic fields and gyroscopic action explained in terms of rotational motion.
3).Orders of rotation and two hypothetical laws relating to them.
4).An examination of more complicated harmonic motion.
5).Why must oscillation about an equilibrium position be harmonic?
6).An investigation into the relationships between the several radii of rotation associated with con-focal conic loci.
7).An investigation into the accelerations, velocities, energies of displacement, and residual energies, (both parallel and perpendicular), of harmonically oscillating con-focal masses.
8).An examination of the bonding similarities and differences concerning the H2molecule and the helium atom.
9). An “Energy” approach to Kepler’s third law.
10).Kepler’s implicit 4th law.
11).A new theory concerning the observed phenomenon known as gravitation. Why does the apple fall to the ground when detached from it’stree?
12).The Kepler constant varies linearly with the mass of the primary.
13).An hypothesis on the infinitely periodic motion of the sun, induced by it’s satellites.
14).On the need for a new approach in the application of conventional dynamics to mass systems.
15).On the range in realities and hence in the domains of conics, for various values of e.

Note that at present, the above list represents nothing more than a set of related hypotheses conceived by one mind in relation to a given problem. It can mean nothing until it is examined and tested by technically competent independent authorities under strict principles of scientific method, applied to all of the data that is relevant to the problem in question.


After subjection to these tests, any one of the above hypotheses may pass or fail any given relevant test.
Only those hypotheses which pass ALL of the relevant tests can then be considered for elevation to the status of “working hypotheses” and then allowed to represent our current state of knowledge in relation to the matter in question.
Since the above list of hypotheses has never been independently tested and may contain any number of potential working hypotheses, it is necessary that the paper be published so that the required independent testing can be done.

If found even partly valid, the above list of hypotheses could lead to a revolution in theoretical Physics and as theoretical physics is relied on to direct very expensive [consider the European particle accelerator] experimental physics, publication may lead to more efficient experimental research.

Potential applications of the above developments:
When a scientific thesis becomes accepted as the currently held working hypothesis in it’s related sphere, it is used to direct experimental research in that sphere. As experimental research can be extremely expensive, [witness the current European particle accelerator], currently held working hypotheses become extremely valuable tools for evaluating which experimental bets to make.
As any or all of the above listed theses might become working hypotheses in their related sphere widespread knowledge of these theses might become very useful.

The above listed theses all fall into the realm of theoretical physics, which, when accepted as the currently held working hypothesis in a given sphere are the favoured tools available to direct experimental research